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Iphone or Ipwned

Sunday, April 27, 2008

L'Ownage (if you are French)

From Wikipedia: Huangpu Park (AKA background story)

The Public Garden was closed to Chinese people between 1890 and 1928, and according to a popular myth, a sign at the park's gate read "No dogs and Chinese are allowed". However, no such sign existed and the regulations instead stated "The Gardens are reserved for the foreign community", and further down: "No dogs and bicycles are admitted".[1] In any case, the banning of Chinese from Huangpu Park and other parks in China has remained in Chinese public mind as one of the many moments of humiliation by the Western powers in the 19th and early 20th century.[citation needed]

Owned: By your older brother! (Or why it sucks to be younger)

Portland Drivers Pwned By Snowstorm

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Fail Dog Owned By Dog

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Brave Cat Pwns Dog

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Star Wars Pwned

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Car Thief Pwns Driver

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The Dangers of Being a Television News Reporter

Gawker has a pretty good clip on various reporters getting owned compilation style.

from the site:
"Live television is exciting because anything can happen. Most exciting of all is when 'respectable' television journalists succumb to the unexpected (they trip, get mauled by animals, lit aflame, etc.) right there on your TV. Here is a compilation video I made of everything tragic that could possibly happen to a television news reporter. Some of these clips have become internet classics, and some you may have never seen before. Either way it's three minutes of pure bliss that will make you feel better about dropping out of j-school."

click here for the video

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Stupid Kid Gets Owned When Prank Fails

Submitted by Mark